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Chess Board Raffle

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Lafayette Bible Lodge is holding a charity raffle.

The raffle is for a one of a kind Masonic Chess Board. This board of fine hard woods, has been constructed by architectural designers and finished carpentry. It holds Masonic symbolism, from the pieces, to the access to the inner chambers of the board. Tickets are on sale now ($10 per ticket) through May 18th at our spring Grand Lodge communication, where the drawing will be held at the lunch break.

All proceeds for the raffle go to the DeMolay and Rainbow Girls leadership fund, and to the Grand Lodge Charity. This Chess Board is 2 years work of the most excellent craftsmanship and a treasure to win!

We plan to travel with the board over the next coming months. Tickets are available during our visits, our stated meetings, and finally during the the Grand Lodge communication on May 19th. If you can not catch us during any of these times please reach out to our secretary Bob Holmes. He will help make arrangements to aid in your participation.

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